About Us

We have always been involved with animals in one way or another as long as I can remember. The Red Circle name dates back to our father and grandfather who owned Red Circle Stock farm in upstate New York a family dairy operation. Two of my brothers Keith, Darryl and I became interested in miniature cattle around 2006 and thus began our search for the breed of miniatures that we wanted to raise. After visits to several farms and ranches in the area we purchased a Dexter cow and a miniature Hereford heifer. Still unsure of which breed we wanted to raise we began doing more research and ran across the miniature Texas longhorns and were immediately hooked. We then bought our first two longhorn heifers and bull from a local breeder and started our journey as miniature Texas longhorn breeders. We have since sold the Dexter and Hereford and have decided to concentrate more towards the miniature longhorns.
Our operation was originally located on the West coast of Florida in Myakka City. In March of 2018 I accepted a position with a company back doing what I love, Highway construction. I relocated to Texas in late April 2018 with the cows staying behind at my brother’s place and everything but my clothes packed up in storage I headed west. After what seemed like an eternity (7 months) I closed on the new property that I now call home in Cleveland, Texas.
We have spent 10+ years working on our breeding program finding what pedigrees cross with each other to bring the size down without sacrificing conformation, disposition and of course horn. We certainly haven’t perfected it but are having a good time doing it.

You won't hear us claim we are the largest, the first or the best miniature longhorn breeder, what we will tell you that you will be hard pressed to find another breeder that cares more about their animals than we do. Our animals are much more than just a sale to us. We would love to have you stop by for a visit as we always enjoy showing off and talking about "our kids".